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The morning after my husband and daughter stayed here last August 31 (trying to be near the airport for quick departure) we saw some tiny black dots scattered across the bottom sheet just below my pillow--we were both concerned because we thought we'd read something about that somewhere, sometime--then I saw in the bathroom mirror that I had 7 bites across my back between my shoulder blades--just where the dots had been on the sheets. After our daughter had taken off on the plane and we had dri

ven home and brought all our bags inside, I changed clothes and noticed the bites looked worse and had little heads. They itched only a little, but I got on the computer to research what this might be. As soon as I saw the photos, esp. the cluster pattern of 2 or 3 together, I knew it had been bedbugs and called the hotel. I spoke at length with a woman there who told me they had had some trouble with some bug which was a lot like a bedbug but "not a bedbug." I told her I was most concerned about the room which I believe was 211B, second floor behind the pool. She assured me that the manager would call me back, which he/she never did. At that point I was so freaked out about whether we had brought them into our house that I forgot about the hotel. I put everything from the hotel--and the rugs we had carried the luggage over--into our car and parked it in the hot sun with a thermometer for 2 days. The temp must reach 140 deg F for several hours to kill them. We did not get them and don't know if we would have otherwise. I was terrified that our daughter had taken them with her on her junior year abroad, but fortunately she didn't.

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