1365 West Estes Avenue
Chicago, IL 60626

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When my boyfriend and I first moved into our apartment at this address I began experiencing random allergic reactions on my skin. I would break out in what appeared to be hives all over my arms neck and legs around midnight every night. He wasn't getting bit or at least wasn't reacting to it so I thought it was probably just me and our laundry detergent or something. It wasn't until it started getting colder and they turned the heat on in our units that we saw them. they were all over the walls.

I would sit in bed with the lights on and attempt to kill every one of them i saw. they were disgusting little brown bugs, red when filled with blood. We called management and at first they ignored us. Then they sent over an exterminator that come unannounced and said he could do anything because our bedroom wasn't cleared out. Then when he came back he said he sprayed but there's no way to be sure, we weren't there. There was no follow up, not even from management to ask if it worked and they've ignored our calls ever since. I hate this place and we're moving a month early. I HAVE NOT SLEPT IN MY BEDROOM IN OVER 9 MONTHS. It feels like I'm paying for 100 sq. ft. I'm not even using. we don't keep our clothes in the bedroom, we keep them in plastic bins in our living room. Additionally, we have mice a lot of them and our apartment is clean.

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