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My Fiancee and I moved into the apartment in at the end of February 2011. Although the parking is absolutely terrible, it was 1 block from the beach. Not 2 weeks later I started getting red bumps all over my arms, neck, legs, and stomach. At first i didn't think we had bugs because my Fiancee didn't have any bites on her. I met a guy upstairs and I showed him the bites and he said hes wife has the same thing going on, and told me to look up bed bugs. I started doing some research online about t

he bites and found out that the apartment building is infested with them. We also google'd William Covaci (the building owner) and found many complaints about him and lawsuits against him about these buildings with bug infestations, which we were not told about when we were showed the apartment.(for those that don't know, it is illegal not to inform potential renters of recent lawsuits with the building) My Fiancee is 6 months pregnant and we got this apartment for more space and its location now we cant even bring in the baby stuff because they will just crawl all over it. We first called the on-site janitor, who straight up lied to us. We asked him if anyone else has complained, he said no. When the guy upstairs said he complains all the time. So after the janitor tried to avoid the problem we decided to go right to the landlord. William Covaci is one of the most rude landlords ever. We told him that we had bugs and needed him to do something about this now. He said we brought them and said it wasn't his problem. Then we told him we did research and there are bed bugs reports for this building. We told him that we have to get rid of our furniture and he replied with "Oh I see, you're using this as a way to try and get me to buy you new furniture." All we wanted was either him to do something about the problem or give us our money back and out of our lease. He said he would have a guy come in today and check the place out. A guy comes and hes like "this place is fine, you guys are lying." and I showed him the bites and he said it could be anything. But he said he would have an exterminator come out tomorrow. the next day the exterminator comes and sprays the place down. He said he would return in a week and that he would call the day before he returned to set up a time. Later that day we took all our laundry and washed it in hot water. My Fiancee left that day to visit family out of town she left on March 16, 2011. I refused to sleep in the bed or in that apartment after she left, so I stayed at a friends. The exterminator never called or came back. When my Fiancee returned on March 24, 2011 we stayed for one night and I got all bitten up again. We woke up and found 2 bugs still alive. we trapped them in a container and put them in the freezer. We called Covaci again and told him the exterminator said he would come back in a week and he never came. Covaci said he would call back. while I waited I did more research on exterminating bed bugs. In large building like the one I live in. spraying down one unit will do nothing. The entire building needs to be sprayed once a week. The bugs can move from unit to unit through the walls. The spray only kills the bugs and not the eggs. so even if they kill the bugs new ones will only hatch the next day. When Covaci called back he said he would bring the exterminator out here tomorrow. He came by on time and sprayed the apartment. We wrapped out our bed and couch with plastic wrap. and I asked him what he knew about bed bugs. He didn't know much. So I informed him of what I had researched and told him that simply spraying down one unit does not get rid of the problem. and that he NEEDS to come back once a week and spray down all the units. That was today on March 29th. If he doesnt return in a week I will write Covaci a letter saying I am withholding my rent until the problem is taken care of. Normally it is hard to withhold all of the rent. Most people take care of the problem on their own and deduct the costs. But seeing as I cant just go around spraying the entire building, he has to arrange this. Plus one of the responsibilities of a landlord is to make sure the units are inhabitable, seeing as I cant sleep in my home or bring in new furniture and I need to prepare for my new child. I will NOT bring my newborn baby to a crib crawling with bugs that bite her. I would consider this a place not inhabitable. If it is not done with by the end of May. I will leave, I will take him to court, get my deposit back and get my lease terminated.


and they may say that people go on here to rant and ruin reputations. I assure you. I didn't bring these bugs in. these buildings are infested and Covaci is stacked up in his nice house in some suburb and doesn't even come here. He has no idea of the things that go on and doesn't care. He's a huge foreign dick and all he does is send his foreign friends to "take care" of things. they are all in it together and don't give a shit.

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