6400 N Sheridan Rd
Chicago, IL 60626-5336

Found 2 reports:

this is a senior bulding and its infested with bed bugs.they recentlly renovated the whole bulding but the bed bugs are in the walls .it is scary and i feel sad for the seniors there.this is chicago housing authority bulding and they really need to do something about it.my parents moved there last year and they are devastated because they cant move out until there leease is done.i just wish to share out there please dont let your parents move in to this bulding.

I know for a fact that this place is incredibly infested with bed bugs. I work with someone who lives in this building and know that he has had to have his room exterminated three times. They invade his room through the base boards and when they spray all the bugs do is migrate to a different room and then come back.

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