1435 W Albion Ave
Chicago, IL 60626-5019

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There are 2 propfessional company came to check on the Bed Bugs situation and found None. Stop Buying furniture in the Secondary stores and you would not have any problems

Our unit did not have bedbugs, but we first became worried when I came home one day to find a pile of wood wrapped in a sheet on our landing. It seemed an odd thing to be there, so I checked it out.
It was covered in blood and bedbug carcasses. We immediately threw it out and asked the other units if it was theirs. We talked to all the units, except two, and none of them knew where it came from.
But that's when we found out that most of the units on the other side of the building were indeed i


Those tenants had been trying to get the landlords to do something about it for months, but didn't really know what rights they had. So when we got involved, they finally sent someone out to spray. But ONLY that. The problem still persists and one of those tenants finally fought her way out with the help of a lawyer.

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