6972 N Sheridan Rd
Chicago, IL 60626-3526

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Bed bug very rampid !!!! Do not stay here!!!Marko is only taking money and people on 3 floors are being eaten up in here!! Moving next month!!

After hearing from many tenants at that location, I would never think about living under the management company/landlord. There are always mattresses and other types of furniture in the alley. Every week (at least), you will see another thrown out mattress behind the building. Think twice about moving a building owned by that landlord.

I agree with another comment posted about the property; legal action is needed. It's not just the bed bugs from what I hear from tenants. There are numer

ous other health/safety code violations in that building. I feel horrible for people having to live in those conditions.

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205 O NOT LIVE HERE. BED BUGS EVERYWHERE. The first time we noticed bed bugs was back in March. Found one crawling on me while I was laying in bed!! We told the landlord and he had someone come and "fix the problem" .... The problem is that the man is not a professional. He was just some man they paid off the streets, handed him a bunch of chemicals, and probably told him to make it look like he knows what he's doing.
The man was in the apt for hours, most of the time talking about his life an


writing down ideas on paper.... Let it be known, the bed bugs returned (or perhaps never went away to begin with). ANyone living here should look to take legal action. This entire building is a health hazard.

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apt 403 I move to this building because bedbugs do not sleep with me or my family and he seems to maciadas woe to all people in this bilding semuevan not because it infested with bedbugs and the owner does not make anything

I moved into apartment 408 in Sept. 2011 not knowing it's bedbug history. The day I moved in I discovered roaches in the kitche which I hadn't seen when I first saw the apartment. Neighbors told me about bedbug problems and about one month ago I started being bitten and got very sick from the bites. I have severe asthma and can't tolerate chemical bug sprays so I hired a company that uses CO2 and offers guarantee. This has been a nightmare and if I'd known I would not have moved in here.

Me and my husband are having the same problem and the landlord refuses to do anything about it. One of my cats also caught a mouse a few days ago.

Bedbugs made ma move also. Almost woke up vomiting every day, couldn't stand it any more. Almost abandoned everything I owned.

bed bugs made me move

they are everywhere

its been a nightmare 3 months and counting

do not move into this building

i am in apt 408 and leave tomorrow 08 11 2011

and one other tenant has the same issue and has left the building as well

landlord did not respond in a timely fashion

forced to move

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