1360 W Touhy Ave
Chicago, IL 60626-2616

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Bedbugs, roaches, mice. It has it all. Landlord agreed to pay for extermination which I have to set up. The guy who normally comes has been so far unsuccessful and it leads me to believe that the pest problem in this building is massive and needs to be taken care of by reputable professionals who can push them out of the building. Until then the likelihood is that we may get rid of them in this unit but they will probably just return later on since they can easily move into other units to es

cape the extermination regiment in our unit.

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I moved in at the beginning of the month, and while moving in had a neighbor tell me horror stories of how the building has been infested with bed bugs for years. Tried to write him off as being spooky, and move on with things. However, after two night in the apartment, found multiple bed bugs. The ceilings are all wooden planks, so multiple cracks and crevices means I can literally see the bugs coming in and out of the ceiling. Called the landlord and he gave me the number of his exterminator.

Exterminator admitted on the phone to me that the building has had a known bedbug problem, and that multiple units have been infested, but didn't say anything about inspecting or treating the units surrounding mine to keep the bugs from coming back after my unit is treated. My apt has been sprayed two times now. We'll see if they come back or not. Here's hoping.

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I had seen a few large adults around but today I found out where they've been living. On the back of my box spring there was a whole community of them. Called my landlord, he gave me a number to set up a time with an exterminator.

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