3051 West Gunnison Street
Chicago, IL 60625

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This U-shaped building had bed bugs a few years ago, before new management. We didn't get them that time, even when the people next door did.

Now there is someone in the building who had them a month ago, left out all their furniture and books, and I mistakenly looked through them before a neighbor stopped me and pointed out the excrement on the pages. The new management didn't even know about it.

I thought we were safe but we remained vigilante. Last week (June 9th?) I spotted baby bed

bugs (transparent, very small) climbing on the walls. Monday morning (June 13th) we found an adult in our box spring, and called exterminator.

They came yesterday and steamed/cleaned, said it was very small infestation, and we caught it early. They weren't even in our bed yet, just in the wall baseboards.

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