3602 W Sunnyside Ave
Chicago, IL 60625-5924

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I continue to have problems with bedbugs. The landlord has had an exterminator to the apartment twice now to spray and fog, however they refuse to treat the entire building. I continue to find them when I sweep my floor or inspect my belongings. I even woke up to one crawling down my arm a few nights ago! So far 5 other apartments have been verified by myself to contain bedbugs, I am done. I am moving. DO NOT MOVE INTO THIS APARTMENT BUILDING!!!

After reports of bedbugs from friends in the building I decided the further inspect my belongings. I have no welts or bits marks, but have felt itchy since moving into this apartment in February. After inspection of my mattress and box spring I found numerous bedbugs both large and small. I reported this issue to the property manager who gave me a fogger, but refused the idea of treating the entire building, even though that would be necessary to have an at least decent chance at removing these

pests. I am currently in the process of throwing away my $500 mattress and box spring, possibly my $500 couch and other furniture and moving to a new apartment. This place is disgusting and I highly advise you to look at other locations before renting here.

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