4922 N Kedzie Ave
Chicago, IL 60625-5010

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This report is for the whole courtyard, as their are multiple units involved from 4922-4930 n Kedzie.

I have had bites since January of 2011, lived here since 7/09.
When I figured out they were bedbugs (doctor originally mis diagnosed) in 5/11, the owner/landlord/condo developer promptly started retaliatory eviction.

I am moving, but am working with MTO (metropolitan tenants organization) and a law firm to make sure building is exterminated, or have the bedbugs relocated to the landlord

s residence. Actually, NOBODY should live with parasites that feed on human blood, and can live dormant for 18 months.

Beware this is a terrible building, bad renovation, bad landlord, lots of turnover as most people just leave when they figure out the multiple habitability issues.

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