3107 W Ainslie St
Chicago, IL 60625-4201

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please disregard last post - this was meant for address at 4823 N Albany

Apparently minor infestation. Only 3 live bugs spotted over the past week, and some bites in the morning. Landlord responsive and has contracted with PCO to inspect unit and surrounding units. Recently vacant unit that shares adjoining wall with bedroom may have been source of bugs, as we've taken no trips and acquired no new or used furniture recently.

I found out on September 4,2009 tha I had bed bugs in my apartment.My daughter woke up that morning with a lot of bites.My husband and I searched her bed and there they were,just crawling every where.We threw every matress that we owned because we searched and yes there they were.We exceeded to ask the nieghbers and some were already ready to move out..So the whole building is infested.It's now October 2 I aready gave my owner the notice that we are going to be moving out too before it gets wors

t in my unit.

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