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After a few months, numerous treatments this issue has been resolved. The entire building was treated and the second company that came to treat was worlds better than the first. Extremely thorough and complete. After all treatments were complete beg bug sniffing dogs were brought in by landlords to inspect per treatment company and only one unit was found to have some minute evidence. The company came in one last time for a complete treatment. It has been months now we are finally bed bug free.

Thank god.

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Shortly after moving into the residence in July, the downstairs unit found a large infestation in one of their rooms. They notified the landlord, but as soon as they treated that room, the bedbugs moved to other rooms and it quickly spread to their upstairs neighbors.
The upstairs unit notified the landlord and for two months there have been nearly weekly visits from the exterminator and "treatments", but only piecemeal - usually only one unit at a time and one room in that unit.
After each

treatment, the landlord would ask for an update and without fail, everyone not only showed signs of bites, but was able to spot and/or collect a specimen.

At this time, the infestation has not been resolved.

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