4855 N Hoyne Ave
Chicago, IL 60625-1407

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I am a member of the Board of this association and I have more information to share about this matter.

We had bedbugs in two adjacent units and hired Smithereen to do treatment. They made three visits, however we finished treatment with a different company called Advanced Maintenance and Pest Solutions. They have verified to us that there were no bedbugs found as of August 17, 2010, which was the last date of treatment. Additionally, the affected unit owners have not reported further problems

as of April 15, 2011. All paperwork is in my possession (association's treasurer).

I do not know who "anonymous" is, but it would have been advisable for him or her to notify the Board about this website posting, since we did not even know it existed. I'm guessing that it is someone from Smithereen, but we don't know, since people are allowed to post potentially damaging information without taking credit for it.

For what it's worth, I recommend Advanced Maintenance and Pest Solutions. They were more expensive than Smithereen, but they provided us with a more detailed service report that included information about the treatment methods and chemicals used, including EPA reference numbers for all the applied substances.

Doug Jarard
2049 Ainslie Condominium

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Bedbugs have been found in the 4855 -4857 N. Hoyne Building (2049 W. Ainslie Condominium complex). They have infested one apartment and have spread. The building's treatments have limited the spread but have NOT resulted in an ALL CLEAR report from the exterminators.

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