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Sometime in October 2008, I started to notice a series of large, red itchy bumps in various places and shrugged it off as a spider living somewhere in my room that I could not see (nor did I want to). This kept becoming more frequent so I was hoping it was possibly an allergy I wasn't aware of until I randomly woke up in the middle of the night and noticed a bed bug on my bed. I caught it and saved it in a plastic bag and after much research, I had confirmed that it was a bed bug. That night,

I texted my landlord and told him what I found and that he needed to bring an exterminator with him the next day (i had to add that because he is notorious for not fixing things/attempting and failing to fix things himself). He told me on the phone the next morning that he was licensed, came and sprayed my room and my roommates room that night, said he'd be back and has not been back since. He said he would come re-spray in a couple of weeks and spray downstairs, but the downstairs unit has been abandoned for a month and he still hasn't sprayed (he has acknowledged that he saw evidence of bedbugs down there). He claims that bed bugs only move up and down and that the neighbors across the hall don't need to be treated, which is the first sign that he is not qualified to take care of the problem. He is no longer returning phone calls about it (or any other of the many issues in our building) so needless to say, we are moving out as soon as our lease is up. I have tried to control the problem with lots of plastic bags and double sided tape but it is just a matter of time before they come back.

-apt 3F, Feb 7th, 2009

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