1121 E 82nd St
Chicago, IL 60619-4513

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I was asleep and felt something bite me. I turned on the lights and saw a small reddish-brown bug. I killed it by smashing the blood out. I started to panic and take the linen off my bed to only find that there were about 10 more bugs waiting until I turned off the light to bite me.
The most recent attack was Saturday June 26, 2010 in my apartment 1121 East 82nd Street, Apt. 305. I am unaware of how long these bedbugs have been in my apartment feasting off of me. I have discarded all of my belo

nging because I am scared of been bitten by these bugs. When I mentioned that I had bugs in my apartment other tenants of the building strongly confirmed that they too saw and have been bitten by these bugs. The entire building at 1121 East 82nd Street is infected. I am tremendously afraid of the fact that these bugs can live for months without feeding and can just wait until the time is right to gorge on my body. I have an eight year-old daughter too. I will not have her live under these conditions, of being attacked by bugs and we have no other place to go, but here. This is a plea for help. Please help me. These bedbugs terrify me.

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