3339 West Cullom Avenue
Chicago, IL 60618

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My roommate and I lived on the first floor of a two-flat at this address for 12 months. We had our first ever bedbug infestation within three weeks of moving in. The landlord, Paul Coates, hired and payed for professional exterminators and the problem went away for a little over 10 months. However, three weeks before our lease ended, we had a second infestation. This time, Paul was unwilling to pay for professional treatment unless we re-signed the lease. We were uninteresting in re-signing

and were able to get him to cover half the cost of treatment by threatening to pursue legal action (seeing as this was illegal). Overall, Paul was very hostile and aggressive about the whole experience and repeatedly blamed us for infesting his unit and claimed he had no legal obligation to pay for anything and that he was being a "nice guy" by paying for it the first time.

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