3957 W Irving Park Rd
Chicago, IL 60618-3113

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My wife and I noticed red bit marks on our arms and body sort of like mosquito bites but not as irritating. One night while I'm on my phone in the dark I see something crawling on my shoulder with the corner of my eye. I knew it was some sort of insect, at first I was sure it was a cockroach since this apartment # 318 has plenty of, mostly small baby ones. Anyway, I get up and turn on the light while my wife still sleeping next to me. I spotted the beg bug and killed it with a tissue paper. Now

I start to worry because I knew what I had to do next. I grabbed my flashlight and started looking along side my bed sheets and mattress only to find out it's freaking starting to be an infestation! I killed about 10 adult sized beg bugs and a couple of smaller ones. Also found areas where a lot were gathered with tiny white eggs. About 6 areas, mostly right under the mattress, but flipped over. It's 3AM in the morning and my wife and I are trying to exterminate beg bugs! How awesome. We had raid for bed bugs and also used other liquid solutions like rubbing alcohol and Lysol germ killing spray with bleach. This studio apartment is about 89% carpet. We also vacuumed and sprayed the carpet as well. Sprayed the mattress, threw out the bed sheets, took one right off my wife's pillow as she woke up to find out we have beg bugs and had a nice good night sleep before going to work...not really. So in conclusion, I now check the bed every few days or so but find nothing yet. No more bites either, but know for sure they still linger in this place. It's only a matter of time until they multiply again. This whole building, including hallways, needs a full proper and professional extermination! My only worry now it that we are moving in less than a month and our mattress might still have some.

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8/2010: Bed bed infestation in the apartment in at least 5 apartments in the 2nd floor of the building. It was reported in May 2010 and i found out proper extermination did not take place, and infested tenants were not told to leave immediately and they also caused these critters to spread and caused insomnia and havoc in many tenants lives, including mine.

08/21/2010 Bed bugs in multiple apartmemts. Sedcond floor. rumors of scabies

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