5432 S Indiana Ave
Chicago, IL 60615-4707

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I'm fed up!! When I moved here years ago before his father died he kept this building up. But when his son took over it's problem after problem. I woke one night to get some water and I saw a bedbug in my bed and a lot of little red dots it seem like. I was out done I could not get back into that bed. That morning I called the janitor and he was not concerned at all and the owner was even worst I had to buy a new mattress and box spring and the covers that you put them in to keep out these nasty

little blood suckers owners should be fined for not helping tenants with these problems and there are small children that live in this building. This was a nightmare and if the owner would take up that nasty carpet in the hallway that would help a great deal. I'm telling my story so that no one else has to go through what I have Because I'm moving out of this HELLHOLE!!!!!! This happen July 14, 2011. Do a good check before you move in someone's building RESEARCH!! Talk to the neighbor's go in the basement see how clean it is do what you have to do to keep from getting these nasty bedbugs. Because it's very costly.

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