523 W Fullerton Pky, Apt 3
Chicago, IL 60614-6431

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I moved into this apt in June of 2009 and I didn't first encounter bed bugs until July of 2010. I had an exterinator from Terminix out and he had to come back several times. It was a full infestation. It was a nightmare! By September 2010 I felt the problem was resolved and I could officially go back in my room. I moved out at the end of April 2011 thinking bed beg problem was resolved but now my friend lives in the apartment and has a full blown infestation in the whole entire apartment. Beware

of this building!

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Multiple cases of bedbugs encountered in apartment during time period of May 2008 - May 2009. I moved out of this apartment because of the infestation.

I reported to Realty & Mortgage (leasing company) and they did not do believe me. I asked my building manager to send exterminators and the exterminator adamantly told me there were no bedbugs despite the fact I had caught two and saved them for him.

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