430 W Diversey Pky
Chicago, IL 60614-6108

Found 5 reports:

Moved into a first floor unit in july 2011, immediately started receiving bites. It took me a couple months before I figured out what it was. Building engineer seemed to have background knowledge that shit had gone down before here. Thanks Planned Property, now I am going to have to destroy everything I own and lived with these bastards for 9 months until my lease is over. I feel embarassed and my dating life is going to be non-existant for a whole fucking year of my twenties. Stay Away.

I have had bedbug issues in this apartment for months. I will be moving out. i had to throw away a lot of furniture. The landlord, planned property, has known about the issue for over 60 months and has not improved it. Do not live here. Encourage the landlord to improve this building and stop the spread.

me and my 4 nieghbors were absolutely infested with bed bugs and roaches!!!! I have never been so horrified in my entire life all of our furniture was ruined and they evicted us onto the streets they need to be sued!!!!!!!!! 430 west diversey RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are bed bugs in the building. Not a huge case but still horrible!

unless they fixed the problem there are bugs here and they might be coming from the Belair Hotel next door

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