1155 W Dickens Ave
Chicago, IL 60614-4134

Found 2 reports:

Great Landlord--My roommate was harassing my landlord, Weiss who was just terrific, just to get out of her lease and move in with her boy friend. She was leaving me up in the air too but whatever. She read an article about bedbugs and drove this guy and his very attentive staff nuts with her lying. She left of course and put me in a crazy position. Anyway Mark B Weiss did everything they could for us and then I heard she posted this BS. I wish I could afford to live in this building again. Anywa

y be careful who you listen too, my roommate was a nut!

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Apartments 2W & 3E have bed bug issues. Information on infestation can be attained through Anderson Pest Solutions.

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