536 W Addison St
Chicago, IL 60613-4702

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If you live in this building and are worried about bedbugs, you should. I lived in 536 W Addison on the second floor for 1 1/2 (2008-2009)and broke my lease after the bugs were unbearable. My apartment was sprayed 5 times within 2 months and Carmen at the property management office (who is very nice) gave me covers for my bed, box spring and pillows. Still, I woke up with bites on my face, legs, arms and chest. I had enough when I woke up and had marks on my face and eyelids 2 days after hav

ing the apartment sprayed. Tom the maintenance guy and Carmen are both incredibly nice but at the end of the day I work with clients and can't look like I got into a fistfight on a Tuesday. I called the Center for Renters Rights and almost had to pay half a months rent for them to go after the property management company but they let me out of the lease early. They need to condemn this building asap.

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I am very paranoid about the infestation in the building. I have had my place sprayed a couple months ago and the exterminator did not see anything. Today while I was cleaning my sheets, I found a dead bug. The building engineer came up, helped me pull the mattresses up and we looked for more. He says that the bug I found was not a bed bug. We did not find anything that resembled bed bugs. He started all 3 washers for me so I could clean my bedding without paying. He is now getting spray and wil

l be spraying my place. I will update if anything else comes out of this situation. I sometimes get bites at night but can not tell if they are spider bites or something else. Carmen at PPM is dropping off casings for my box spring and mattress later. The building engineer says he will help me put those on later.

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I made a post on Dec. 17. All I can say about taking precautions is to ask Planned Property for a matress encasement cover and boxspring encasement cover. They have them. They gave it to me after I discovered the few in my unit. Look out for them. I truly think that the problem is only going to get worse in the building as it seem they are spreading since Planned Property doesn't seem to care about taking care of the problem in the whole building and treating each unit with a proper professional

exterminator. They just send out their maintance people from Planned Property who aren't licensed to use the right chemicals to treat the problem. They sent out an exterminator who deals with bedbugs once to my unit 2 weeks ago. He hasn't been sent back again, although I have found a few more in my unit since he was there. I don't sleep in my apt and have been staying with a few friends at their apts. I am hoping to get out of the building ASAP and get rid of furniture that has bed bugs. I just want to be able to come home and sleep in my own place without having to worry about bed bugs biting and crawling on me. It's just gross and unhealthy!

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I have no bed bugs so far, but I have just been told that the 2nd floor of this building has bed bugs problems. I live on 4th floor, and I'm terrified already. Please let me know what precautions I have to take or what I could do to prevent such a problem! I've been living here for few months and I wouldn't want to move.

So, I would like to report about bed bugs in my apt on the 2nd floor. I moved in back in May 2009. I had lived a year at 3510 North Pinegrove (another Planned Property building for 1 year). I never had a problem there. I only moved because I wanted a bit of a nicer apartment and now i really regret moving! A few weeks ago, I noticed wierd red dots on my legs that looked like misquito bites (which I thought was strange since its so cold out). A friend of mine has bed bugs 2 years ago and she told

me about her experience. I went to wash my couch cover and after pulling it off, there were 3 bugs. I knew right away what they were and it terrified me. I reported it to the maintance man, and he is totally unhelpful. He almost seemed annoyed that I was reporting this to him. It's been a BIG mess and they keep coming to my apartment and supposedly sparying and steam cleaning furniture. They gave me the box spring/mattress special covers. The lady in charge of infesations is totally unprofessional and NOT easy to get a hold of. She never calls me back and is NEVER in her office. The man who is the head of maintaince has lied to me about there being other bed bug issues in the building when I asked him today if there were other infestations. I read all of these blog posts on here and I know people on here would not lie about this. I am just so upset and I haven't slept in my apt. I keep having crying meltdowns and I can't stop thinking about how much I hate that this is happening. It is not right and Planned Property needs to address this problem because it is a building problem ASAP. They dont seem too concerned and think by coming and spraying a few times, that the problem is done and over. I just found another one last night. I had a freak out and had to go stay (yet again) at my friends place. I cant sleep here knowing that things are crawling on me and biting me. I pay SOOOO much to live here (because I like Lakeview) and I don't feel like I'm getting much back. When I asked about re-compenstating me for all the hassle this has put me thru, they pretty much laughed in my face. I just want to move. Throw out all my furniture and start over. This is too much. Does anyone else feel as stressed as I am feeling?!?!?

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It's been two weeks since we saw a bed bug, so I hope they are gone. This one was nowhere near a bed--it was on the wall! Thank goodness we have hardwood floors rather than carpet. We first found bedbugs about two months ago; I had no idea this registry existed until just now. I wish I had known about the building's problem, and then I wouldn't have renewed my lease for another year. Bedbugs here since 2008!! It's almost 2010! The building engineer has helped us, but what really needs to ha

ppen is the whole building be notified of the problem, and management should have the exterminator visit every apartment, not just the ones that report problems. We found bedbugs in our bed a few months ago, and it was obvious that they had been there a while.
So our first encounter with the bugs was in September 2009, and the most recent in November 2009.

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2nd floor resident
I have found a number of bed bugs dead in the shared laundry room over the past couple months. Some on the washers, some in the dryer filters, some on the floor. I've taken photos, shown the building manager, and reported it to planned property. All which was ignored.

I also witnessed a resident drying his comforter to "kill the bed bugs". When he pulled it out of the dryer there were at least 50-100 dead bugs in the lint trap. Disgusting.

That was also reported an

d ignored. If one person is living like that, we're all in danger of being infested.

I cant move out fast enough. Bye bye 536!

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I moved in on the second floor mid-May, about a month ago. I was NOT informed about the beg bug issues at this property prior to moving in. If I had been, there's no way I would have moved in at all, let alone with brand new furniture. I found out about the problem online after googling my apartment (random curiosity) and it came up on the registry. I called the property management and they pretty much blew me off. Thank God I had any awareness of bed bugs because I would otherwise have been

extremely confused about the bites all over my body. The building engineer has been great about working with the exterminator and me. The exterminator is great too. The woman in charge of the extermination dept of the property management has been fabulous as well; she provided me with mattress encasements. However, this is apparently a building-wide problem and more drastic measures should be taken. I'm terrified about living out the remaining 11 months of my lease with the bed bug problem looming.

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Lived on the first floor from April 08 til April 09. Infestation was absolutely terrible. They should be sued for not telling new tenants about the problem before they sign a lease. I got the hell out of there; threw out pretty much everything I owned, and have been bug-free ever since (with one minor scare that panned out).

They can and will hide in everything--especially in infestations that bad. Even in your computer.

To PPMs credit--the building engineer was really nice, and they were

willing to work with me to address the problem, but no way are they going to stop an infestation that bad. They need to be up-front with ALL their residents about this.

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I currently am living at the 536 W Addison location on the 3rd floor and am having the SAME issue as what I read below. It is THE BIGGEST inconveince I have ever been through. I had just re-newed my lease with these people and then all of a sudden I find out that I have bedbugs! I grew up in a smaller city in the South and honestley didn\'t even know that they truly exsisted! So, I didn\'t know what they looked like or what to look for. I just assumed that it was just another bug coming in th

rough the window or somthing. But as I started to see more of them (mostly in the corners, cracks, and crevices of the walls)I started to get more concerned. I then, called the maintence guy and he immidiatley came up with bug spray in hand and pretty much confirmed what my problem was. I was provided with instructions to follow and mattress covers to use and was told that they would spray once a week for one month. WELL, I will just tell you that two months have gone by and I already have arrangments to move to a new place cause I have been doing nothing BUT everything they have asked AND MORE!

I think what put the bitter taste in my mouth about all this is the fact that they only deducted my rent $300. When they DO actually spray when they say they are, the fumes are so harsh and terrible to breath in and not to mention don\'t even do anything to fix the problem so I would still have to wake up every morning with new bites and/or just not sleep a wink at night because of the paranoia of them in my bed or somthing (even with washing my sheets every night before i go to bed). I can only sleep on friends couches for so long!

But to top it all off, since I am moving, I will be SO SURE NOT to bring them with me so I am throwing out ALL of my furniture! Talk about a problem that you don\'t want! I don\'t wish this problem on anyone and thats including my worst enemy.

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I have had bed bugs for about a month now. It's a HORRIBLE inconvenience. I was told that the exterminator came last Friday, but I got bit worse than ever that night. I don't know what to do next and the woman at Planned Property hasn't returned my phone calls despite leaving 3 voicemails. I've heard that there are other people who are currently having trouble with bed bugs in the apartment too.

I'm updating again. We're the second floor residents. After a ton of help from our building management (Planned Property), including sending a specialist, we have been clean for 3 months. The entomologist couldn't find any traces of BBs, and my dermatologist said the bites I had were not bug bites. It's still a mystery. I'm happy to report there have been no further incidents! THANK GOD.

I live with the first poster on the second floor, just wanted to update on our situation. As you might already know, they have sent an entomologist from U of C to inspect. He did a thorough inspection and took well over 100 samples from all over our place. This was this past Friday, Sept 5. We have not yet heard back, but we have his card. I think things might get better from here as an expert is now on the case. I hope so, this is making me crazy. Planned Property has been really helpful throug

hout this mess. I also found out that there was a horrible infestation on the first floor, on the opposite side of the building from us. She has since been evicted. Not sure if you're reading, how is your situation doing?

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August 13, 2008. We have bed bugs as well. We moved in the end of May, and I started getting bit around the start of July. We have been sprayed once, with another scheduled for next week, but last night I got bit again. We live on the fifth floor. We didn't have any problems before we moved in, and we moved with all our own stuff, no second hand furniture, etc. We have washed all our clothes, linens, and they came to seal some wall cracks earlier this week, but I got bit again anways.

Currently have been infested since June 16, 2008. Landlords responded quickly and have cooperated to the fullest extent. We have had 4 treatments since, but our number of bites has not decreased. So far we have not seen a living bed bug which means our infestation is light or they are well hidden. We did catch one in a sticky trap set by the exterminator. We will continue to fight them, but it seems like they are winning so far. This is on the second floor.

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