518 W Addison St
Chicago, IL 60613-4702

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Major bedbug infestation in at least one other unit which ended up spreading into ours.

The story: Wife kept waking up with bite marks (some people are immune to the effects of bedbug bites, and I am one of those lucky few). She was immediately suspicious as she recalled seeing piles of cleaning supplies behind the first unit in question just days before, plus another unit we suspect as well. Called the management company and they acknowledged that at least one of those units was being treat

ed for a major infestation (they didn't mention the other one but it seems likely). After an initial inspection turned up nothing, my wife kept waking up with more bites...one or two each night...and demanded another pest evaluation, because obviously SOME kind of insect was getting to her. Upon second inpection, the exterminator found a few bedbugs in our bedframe. We caught the infestation in the "light" phase but we're taking the nuclear option anyway just to be safe.

Management company is being very cooperative in eliminating them, but we do wish they'd have proactively inspected for them and at least performed precautionary spraying as soon as they were discovered in the first unit. In their defense the bedbug epidemic is a fairly recent urban problem, so most property owners don't have policies for how to respond. And extermination is not cheap...

No word on how they got into the first unit, but the complex next door (536 W. Addison) is, based on the reports on this website, a freaking haven of mass bedbug debauchery, so my theory is that they spread from there somehow when the weather was warmer or got carried over to our building by a visitor (perhaps even a postal worker).

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