3660 N Lake Shore Dr
Chicago, IL 60613-4671

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4/26/2011 - Found a live adult male bedbug on the mattress. The building was quick to respond and sending an exterminator tomorrow.

March 5th, 2009

Have lived here 2.5 years. Yesterday I noticed a bed bug, during the day (very bright and sunny apartment) crawling across my couch.

I flipped out, grabbed the vacuum and started vacuuming everything in site. It's a studio apartment and I only have the couch, a chair and a futon.

This morning, I flipped over the futon mattress and it was CRAWLING with bugs of all sizes, with larvae/eggs everywhere.

My building is a high rise and completely bureaucratic, so maint

enance would not even allow me to remove the items until "rush hour" was over in the elevators. Then they made me wait until 9:00am for the management office employees to arrive, so I could "schedule" an elevator.

I'm waiting for the office to determine what course of action they will take.

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