3734 N Pine Grove Ave
Chicago, IL 60613-4103
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I moved in this building in February of 2010. About two weeks after moving in, I started getting the bites. The former building manager sprayed my bed, covering it in plastic (in the hallway, of course, which means that they will spread to the apartments). This helped for about a week, and the bites started coming again.
Needless to say, I did my part by disposing of my bed and all of my other furniture (which was dragged out without any covering or notes on the items so I found people picki

ng through my disposed items, likely leading towards more problems). I was not offered any compensation and lived on an air mattress for months, waiting for the bites to stop...all while still being a good tenant, paying my rent on time and in full consistently. Additionally, I was moved to an apartment across the hall, in the attempts to not break my lease. I did my part - every single thing that was moved into the new apartment was washed with a bleach solution or washed and dried in the laundry. They came into this apartment as well (while they were advertising my previous apartment for rent at that time...Someone needed to warn these people!). Enough was enough and I moved, as it became very clear that they would not be hiring a professional to actually stop the problem. It's a shame as they lost a good tenant due to a very bad problem that was not taken seriously. Only the very minimum was done.
I know that they hired a new building maintenance person and he actually seemed to WANT to fix the problem but was not given the resources to rid bedbugs from the building for good.

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Bedbugs have been a problem in this building for a long time. The owner hired a reputible pest control company and then fired them after one treatment. The owners are slum lords in every sense- they only care about money, not tenants.
They seem to feel that if someone moves out because of the bedbug problem, another innocent victim will move in. The owner should be in prison.(he shows up in a drug induced semi awake coma, says something stupid and leaves). Rats and roaches are also a problem h


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This building is infested with bedbugs, Ive heard the management tell a few people , who soon after moved out, that those were not bedbugs, or that they are imagining it, or EVEN to one lady from across the hall who became irate, that she brought them tot he building. Ive been here 3 years and klnow for a fact that have had issues , starting on the first floor and that the lady they blamed had just moved in, I MEAN , SERIOUSLY PEOPLE? My friend has 5 thousand in hospital bills due tot he bites w

hich she is extremely allergic to. I have in my apt seen a total of five, and I am not allergic severly , i get a red mark and it goes away, but embarassing when you leave the house and one is rawling on you. My cat has caught two , and the rest I caught myself. I know my apt is infested because I had a roomate who was waking up with bites daily , he was allergic :( They refuse to get a legitimate exterminator except one time , and they were not allowed to spray for bed bugs , just roaches , WTF? The nameless exterminator comes in about every two months or every month sometimes , but this is not doing anything for the infestetion. The whole building has them it is ridiculous that the management is not taking this problem more seriously. Oh and if you complain too much about it they ignore your calls , tnx caller ID

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I had several red bumps showing up on my arms and the doctor diagnosed me with scabies. After the treatment, the bumps kept showing up and they suggested it may be bed bugs. I searched in the crevices of my matteress and didn't find any tell tale sign of bed bugs... That is until one night my cat kept going crazy. I turned on my light to see a bug crawling up the wall. I quickly sprayed it and killed it. I didn't recognize what kind of bug it was but as soon as I saw the pictures of bed bugs on

Google, it was confirmed.

This place is infested!

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I lived on the 3rd floor of this building and had to move due to the bed bug problem. The management and owners did nothing to resolve the issue but instead brought in a exterminator who sprayed an unknown chemical which did nothing. This building has had an issue with bugs and rodents for some time now (was informed by fellow tenants).

bedbugs and rats welcome to 3734 pinegrove

This is true, there are no doubt bed bugs on every floor of this building. I live on the 4th floor and after waking up with red bumps around my knees I figured it was bed bugs. The rumor was that they were only on the first floor, but after seeing my bites its pretty much confirmed theyre throughout the building. I found out on my own through my bites and word of mouth from other tenants experiencing the same bites. This sucks, time to find a new apt... again.

I live at 3734 Pinegove Road, Apartment #304. I discovered bed bugs (two or three at first) and didn't know what they were. A few nights later I discovered what appeared to be mosquito bites around my ankles. I pulled my bed out (during the day) and searched the mattress and surrounding area and saw nothing. Later that night, I saw a few more of these bugs and looked on line to find out what they might be. The result was bed bugs. As soon as the image of an actual bed bug appeared, I knew

that this was what I was dealing with.
I contacted my on-site building Manager, and he very casually said he would come spray my apartment. He called me (I was at work) when he entered my apartment, I asked him to take the bed apart and do a full examination in attempt to identify these bugs. He confirmed that there were bed bugs present and that "it's no big deal the neighbor below me had them and after throwing away his bed and spraying, they were gone". He also blamed me for "bringing them into the apartment by possibly brushing up against someone on the bus that may have had one on them". I tried to explain to him that they can move from apartment to apartment and since he's not the brightest man I've ever met so I don't think the seriousness is as evident to him. I asked him to get rid of my bed and after several follow up phone calls, he sent someone up to get my bed. He did not take any precautions in wrapping the bed/box spring in plastic to prevent dragging them thru the hallway and stairwells where they can continue to spread throughout the building. His "solution" for me was to get an "air mattress" because they "won't get me on an air mattress". First of all, they'll get you if you have blood and they can live in other areas aside from the bed itself. And secondly, I'm not interested in camping out in my home on an air mattress.
The owner of the building then contacted me and she said there have been several complaints about bed bugs in the building that I live in and said that they are having professionals come out to spray for the little blood suckers.
I had to throw away a lot of my belongings, including an expensive bed, feather topper, and linens. Since then I have seen several other mattresses and furniture out on the curb, suggesting that others have had the same problem. Unfortunately, the landlord and building owners never bothered to contact other tenants to warn of this problem because they "didn't want anyone to freak out".
The biggest problem I'm having now is the psychological aftermath, stress, anxiety, loss of sleep, and the financial aftermath of the need to replace the losses of my belongings, and MOVE OUT OF THIS PLACE. I don't understand why no one else is reporting this. There is a stigma associated with any type of bug infestation, but being that bed bugs feast on BLOOD and not filth or waste like cockroaches, ANYONE WITH BLOOD FLOWING IN THEIR BODY CAN GET BED BUGS. I have never had a bug problem of any kind until living in this building. I have been a Chicago resident for almost 9 years.
Furthermore, I believe that the building management should have a responsibility to report such infestations to all it's tenants in order to fully remedy the problem.

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