639 W Grace St
Chicago, IL 60613-4012

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The 4th and 3rd floor of this building are currently infested with bedbugs. The rugs in the hallways are disgusting and never cleaned, you can definitely smell how bad this place is. They also lie about cleaning the windows. Building manager is usually under some strange influence and does nothing for the place. Group Fox keeps renting apts without telling future tenants that they are moving into an apt that's "being treated" by an extermination company. Avoid this building at all costs. If you

don't believe this just bring it up to them and look for cracks and holes in your floor and walls next time you walk into an apt.

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I live on the 5th floor of this building as well, and my apartment is infested with bed bugs too. The owners lied to me numerous times telling me that there has never been any problems with bed bugs in the building. They were well aware that the 5th floor had a bed bug issue before I signed my lease. Now, they refuse to let me out of my lease. This is extremely stressful as I have to throw out most of my belongings and move while also paying rent here. The owners do not care about anyone bu

t themselves and have not been at all helpful with my situation.

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There is an infestation in my building on the 5th floor. I also know of 2 others on my floor who have this problem. I started noticing small bites on my skin in Sept. of 2008, but was not sure what they were. It was not until late December that I actually saw a bed bug. I was sprayed in late Janurary, and again 2 weeks later. I had no idea that another tenant down the hall had this problem until this first week of March. Now I know of 2 others. I DO believe this is a building problem. The people

at the managment office seem to think it is okay to tell people they are the only ones who have them and that others are \"crazy\" and never had them, and just trying to scare others. They have NEVER informed anyone of this pest problem. I do have them, this is not made up. I hope they are gone, but I still have a hard time sleeping. I just saw a baby one last night...

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