3724 N Fremont St
Chicago, IL 60613-3912
One or more reports on this page has been disputed.

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Found 3 reports:

This property is not or has never been owned by Beal Properties, the person that reported the sightings must have entered the incorrect address. This post needs to be removed from this sight as it is FALSE information

This person is not correct on this address, because 3724 N. Fremont is not owned by Beal Management. I am a real estate agent and work with the owners of 3724 N. Fremont, and it's absolutely not owned by Beal Management, and never has been!

bed bug infestation in pod 3724 and possibly others. Building management so delinquent one could call them a danger to rent from. Stay away and do not rent from anyone or any building associated with "beal properties"

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