3825 N Pine Grove Ave
Chicago, IL 60613-3304

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I live here. My roommate and I had a few bed bugs at least 3 or four times throughout 2011. Management refused to acknowledge a problem and claimed the building had been bed bug free for a decade, even though I had spoken to two other units who had had problems with bed bugs in 2011. An exterminator came multiple times but as it was previously mentioned in another comment, they had returned since not all tenants cooperated with the exterminator (who used to come once a month, but I have not seen

him in 5 months). My roommate and I almost took legal action against my completely uncooperative landlord, but luckily bed bugs have not returned for about 6 months now. Stay away!

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I stayed in this building with a friend June 2011 and brought home bed bugs. It's my understanding multiple units have had problems with bed bugs for at least a year, but since not all owners are cooperative in treatments, they have not been completely eliminated.

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