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Same apartment (1E), after first experience about a year ago, bed bugs appeared to be gone after 3 exterminator visits and spraying surrounding units. About 1 month ago, I started getting very small bites again, and about 2 weeks ago found one live bug on the box spring of the bed. After intense cleaning, having the exterminator come out again, putting items that cannot be laundered into a paktite, and disposing of furniture, I have not found another live bug in my apartment (the first time, a y

ear ago, I found about 6 or 7 live bugs, and the exterminator found more in the couch. The exterminator also did not find any more live bugs in my apartment on this most recent visit.

I don't think my unit had a heavy infestation, but I do believe there are other units infested without being reported. The exterminator told me he has only been called to my unit on my side of the building, but has been called to units several times on the other side of the building (it is a courtyard).

I'm posting again because I'm moving at the end of this week and I don't want any potential renters to be unaware of this problem, especially considering it has been both recent and on-going. I will say the Management company has never given me a hard time when requesting an exterminator, and the exterminator has always been very responsive and helpful as well. The management company is a little scatterbrained, so expect to make more than one phone call - I eventually just got the exterminators number myself and asked if I could call him and set up my own appt. The management company had no problem with that.

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Apt 1E, experienced bites similar to mosquito bites. Found black speckles on wall but nothing on mattress. Found live bed bug on side of couch. Property Manager is sending exterminator.

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