4250 N Marine Dr
Chicago, IL 60613-1700

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October 2014 body areas where showed signs of bed bug bites
October 2014 dermatologist did punch skin biopsy; suspected bed bug bites
October 2014 called Orkin for FREE consultation
October 2014 2:45 a.m. turned on light and found bed bug on side of mattress
October 2014 secured bug in Baggie for Orkin to view
October 2014 called Orkin to begin service
October 2014 certified letter to Condo Board, Managemebt Company, and City of CHI health department with Doctor and Orkin report
Not i

mportant which tower you live in; important that you report to condo board (in open forum of board meeting) and management company
Lived at previous residence for approximately 10 years without having bedbugs.

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On June 27, 2011, I took a vacation to visit my mother who lives in the South Tower. I woke up with bug bites all over my body (arms, legs, and back). I didn't know what happened to me. At first, I thought I had an allergic reaction to something I ate. The next night, I was lying in bed watching TV when I saw two bugs running across the sheets. Then I knew I had been attacked by bed bugs. I got up, cleaned my luggage out to inspect it and carefully packed my bags to prevent taking the bugs with

me. I called the airlines, changed my returned flight and went home five days early. Today is July 7,2011 and my luggage is still in my garage. I've had my exterminator come out and treat the inside and outside of my house including my luggage, just in case the little buggers followed me home. I nor the exterminator have seen any but I didn't want to take any chances.
I hear they are still dealing with the infestation in her unit.

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This imperial tower building i had a studio apartment on the 19th floor in the south tower it has two adjacent buildings and little black bugs were crawling all over the apartments bathroom and kitchen. I called the City of chicago city hall downtown to ask about health inspection concerns they said they had about 48 complaints against this buildings not only bed bugs but the swarming flies and bugs crawling up and down the buildings white posts. So I called the buildings management office and t

he lady manager said she knew nothing about it. Then I asked some of the condo dwellers on my floor and around the building they said they didnt know why I called the management office when they never come out of that office to check any work or rehab being done by outside construction or repair companys for that building therefore they dont know because they dont care because none of the management office workers live in 4250 marine building or imperial tower. After two weeks of writing the management office the bugs and flies got worst I had to move into a temporary apartment my brother owns and have the apartment looked into. The exterminator said the bugs were because the building has a poor janitor service lack of proper cleaning and it could be in there laundry room areas as well. I was appauled but not surprised at what the exterminator reported to me.
Next I took this report to the buildlings manager once again and she said they have a good janitor crew and nobody else has this nasty bugs and flies problem but my unit. Later that week I went to speak with an attorney about it because I had to move out temporary and that sucked. The attorney took four months to give me a answer as to weather I should sue the buildings association and management or file more complaints. So I questioned the buildings management for the fifth time within a nine month period about reimbursing me for extra rental and moving expenses since I took the steps to have the unit checked out for bugs. They told me they will not be reimbursing me for anything and that they have never had a lawsuit or had to payout for a lawsuit through them or their insurance. She said it is as if they were untouchable to lawsuits. Hmmmm... The attorney did get back to me after five months and I did come to find out that his mother was a resident their and that he didnt not want to pursue a lawsuit. I also came to find out that the building will pay off lawyers like Barry Robotsky firm to get rid of lawsuits against that building and their association. Now I am seeking damages since I had to ultimately sell the unit in 2007 after paying over $8,000 for new windows that should have only cost $3,000. They said the new windows would keep bugs and flies out of the units but it didnt. The building sent the unit owners a letter saying because of all the dogs and dog poop in and around the building that is whats causing the horrendous bug infestation.
Go Figure Im gonna Sue !!!

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June 24th, 2009. I have been suffering from what I thought was a huge case of hives now for 4 weeks, & even cut out dairy & wheat! What did I find out today? That my neighbors across the hall (27th floor North Tower) had a monster bedbug infestation about 3-4 mos ago & didn't say anything! It was suggested at the time by my next door neighbor, who also didn't say anything, that they fumigate the hallway too, as the carpet & bed was dragged down the hall. But nooo. Cloverleafing has happened sinc

e we share a common wall between our bedrooms (mirror image condos) or the little MFers just walked in from the hallway! Well, I ripped apart my bed today to find 1 engorged, small (abt 1/8") bedbug in the slats under my platform bed. I smashed it - full of MY blood! A smaller, beigey-looking one with it also ran & I squashed that one too. Pulled the bed out (platform bed IKEA), flipped the mattress (encased, thank god), flipped the slats, pulled area carpet up, checked the wood down at the bottom of the walls. No other bugs, no visual eggs, but they're so small 1/36th of an inch, that I might have missed them! POO!). I have bites literally from head to toe, yes toes, palms, ears, you name it (not the privies, thank ALL gods)...at least 100 over the last 4 weeks. Can't imagine that 1 bug did this, so they must be hiding. UGH. It's MADDENING. I checked my living room couch, no bugs. I'm sleeping there till I can exterminate. Found a natural product on the internet. http://www.bed-bug.net/bedbugproducts.html. Free shipping but I opted for 2 day shipping & I'm going to clean the he!! out of my room, bedding, carpets, etc. I'm also going to have a stern chat w/the neighbors & report this to the condo office, as I pay over 600 in assessments & it had better include something for pest control! My neighbors are elderly, and one went back & forth to a nursing home close by (The Carleton) regularly right around the time their infestation apparently happened. God forbid those old folks have this problem too...

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