833 W Buena Ave
Chicago, IL 60613-1611

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I moved to Buena Park on Aug 1, 2008.The first day i got some byte. I called the office,but they said it can be anything.I did not pay too much attention on that,until i got more bytes after one week. I thought it is an allergy, because my roommates did not have any bytes. I stopped having bytes for a while, but in December all my roommates got bytes. I called the management and they sent someone to check the apartment. They checked but could not find anything. They told me they cannot spray unt

il they find a byte. They asked me to catch one, but i never saw them. I think they come out at nights. We had to stay like this with bytes all over our body and face, which was the worse, because the dermatologist said i can have scars stay on my face forever. During spring my roommates room was full of bed bugs. They were coming out from walls. They came to spay as we catched now a lot of them. That did not help. They came again and sprayed. Still not HELP. The office worker told me i m the only one who has complains about bed bugs, which was nice to hear. We are moving out, but i lost my furniture which was pretty expensive. Hopefully the was make sure there are no bugs hidden in walls before someone else moves in and loses bed and sofa!

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833 W Buena Ave
Chicago IL, 60613

Depression, over eating and Insanity from welts and white puss bumps on skin lead me to do more research outside of last years itch mite infestation. I stayed in doors the whole darn summer because I thought the problem was outside. I'm not sure when or how we got bed bugs. They could have come from a new mattress and bed set we purchased at the bedding experts for 3 grand after taxes and all. We bought the bed in November 06. I started noticing bites a

round April 2007. I lived with this all the way up until October 2007 when it was cold as $hit in Chicago and I just new all of the itch mites should be dead. I started looking for signs after visiting the Chicago Department of health site on numerous occasions for updates on the itch mite and seeing bed bugs on the page. I saw something crawling around in the kitchen in August maybe, and thought it was a roach. I killed it and didn't think anything else about it until I noticed another one in Late September early October. The place was bombed but that didn't help much. After 3 months we started getting bitten again. We're leaving and probably taking our problem with us to our new place.

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