4343 N Clarendon Ave
Chicago, IL 60613-1521

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I'm completely paranoid about bed bugs to the point I hate staying in hotels, riding the el etc. Needless to say I freaked out when my boyfriend received at his apartment a notice that a bed bug sniffing dog was coming through all units for an inspection. I started googling and found this site.

After some digging and attending the association meeting we found out the inspection did determine that one unit did have bed bugs. They didn't identify the unit owner but it seemed pretty clear the bu

ilding wasn't suprised by the result in this unit. They had the unit professionally treated and proactively treated the surrounding units to be conservative. The units in the rest of the buidling came up clean.

Although it grosses me out the reality is in buildings of 300 plus units someone is going to bring bedbugs in at some point no matter how "clean" or not clean they are. What really impressed me is how proactively and quickly it was handled. I own a condo in a very nice smaller building in Lincoln Park however we struggle to have burned out lights fixed efficiently. I would hate to think what would happen if someone brought bed bugs home in their suite case.

As for other bugs I havent seen any, perhaps the other poster was on a low floor or near the garbage shoots. The occassional bug is the norm in my LP vintage condo.

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This place has bed bugs, roaches, and other vermin. The management DOES take steps to keep the place pest free. They recently brought in a bed bug sniffing dog and the exterminator comes on a regular basis. I have seen a few roaches that were dying in my apartment, but I would not say that the place has an infestation. The problem is with the few unsanitary residents that live like squatters and hoarders. I have seen first hand some beautiful condos/apartments in the building that were completel

y filled with nasty trash while a certain individual does lines of coke and drinks without a care to the maintenance of the apartment. I wouldnt worry much about vermin but be advised that you may see something once or twice a year in your unit. Ive been here seven years and seen about 5 roaches, 0 rats/mice, and no bed bugs in my unit.

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I have not seen any in my unit as I also have traps sets to make sure none appear. I been told by other residents there are some units on the lower floors that have them and they might use dogs to sniff them out in units. I seen roaches or some kind of bugs when I throw my garbage into the shoots. Residents are suppose to seal garbage in plastic bags but not all do it..Probably infested here because there are many dogs and cats and god knows what they thrown down the garbage shoots...

there is bed bugs in the building. the management makes it seem like no one does, but reality check, yes they do. it would be better if they just came forward and speak the truth.

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