826 S Claremont Ave
Chicago, IL 60612-4238

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Moved in at the beginning of August 2008. The apartment is on the ground floor of a 3-level condo which houses a 3-bedroom apartment on each level. I moved in with two other people. The apartments beneath and above us had tenants that moved in at around the same time.

On the fourth morning, I woke up with multiple bites on my arms and shoulders. I couldn't figure out what was happening and waited a few days to get a better idea of the situation before contacting the landlords. Other room

mates seemed to be unaffected, but I was getting more bites and had a really adverse reaction to them that I had to go see my doctor. One bite actually made my whole forearm red and swollen. I also found a live bug on the living room carpet by my foot. Some research on the internet showed that the bug was indeed a bedbug.

The landlords immediately sent in the exterminator that treated the place before any of us moved in. They didn't seem to do a good job, and was skeptical that there were bugs at our place. A week later, I was still getting bites and the people upstairs also complained of the same thing. At present, our apartments are being treated by Orkin. Today is the second treatment of our place, two weeks after the first time they came in. Seems more effective than the other extermination, but am still suspicious of the integrity of my walk-in closet and the clothes that I have stored in it.

The landlords changed the carpeting and the woodwork before anyone moved in, and I'm not sure whether this is because of previous infestation. I've asked twice, but they have skirted around the question. Although the Orkin agent did observe that there were signs of a heavy infestation on the woodwork of the bedrooms. The landlords also avoid replying to any comments about moving out or hints about reimbursing for things that I've been forced to buy and things that I've thrown out to help control the bed bugs in my bedroom. I still have to seek legal advice regarding this matter. But all in all, it has been a costly, stressful, and very exhausting experience. It has robbed me of any rest and peace of mind for the past month. So if you think that your landlords are being too thorough with having the carpets changed and the apartment clean before you move in, beware!

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