10 E Grand Ave
Chicago, IL 60611-3506

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I found over 10 bedbugs about 6 were just in my room that I found in my bed that made me disgusted and 4 in the front lobby of the hotel the Hilton garden inn and I told the management of the hotel and they did nothing about it and when I called before I booked my 5 night stay the guaranteed me 100% percent that they do not have bedbugs but what happened I found 10 bedbugs!!!!! That's just disgusting! I would never recommend this hotel for anyone to stay at because of the condition it is in that

I found 10 bedbugs in the hotel!! I for sure I will never go back in a million years it's that bad!!!

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I and my mom stayed on the 20th Floor in mid-August. We were covered with bedbug bites all over our bodies. (10-15 bites each) The hotel management was very defensive and they said that the insurance company will investigate. Of course, the insurance company did not find anything. We have been itching for a week after the incident. There is an ongoing problem with this hotel, so STAY AWAY!

Stayed at the HGI Downtown Chicago in May 2011 on the 20th floor and ended up with arms full of bedbug bites. Was very upset as this was the first time something like this had happened to me. Notified management and they were very apologetic, however they said they did not see any activity of bedbugs in the room.

They offered a gift certificate for a return stay but obviously, I declined.