1100 N Lasalle Dr
Chicago, IL 60610-2602
One or more reports on this page has been disputed.

Please remember this site does not check the veracity of any bedbug reports.

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I was living at this address until June of 2010. Trust me, there were bedbugs.

I don't recall exactly when they invaded my apartment. It started out slowly, a bite here or there. I thought mosquito or spider. Then it started in earnest.

I am fortunate that I sleep wearing sweats, with elastic at the ankles and wrists. The bug didn't go anywhere but my hands and face. That was bad enough.

I threw out my mattress and - having no money to replace it - started sleeping in the reclining

chair. This helped, but I still got bitten up a lot.

1100 N LaSalle had bedbugs as late as June of 2010.

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I can't believe they are still LYING! When will it end?? I just saw a guy fruitlessly drying his clothes as per your instruction because he has bedbugs. I remember having to that pointless mumbo jumbo. Poor guy.

I lived here fall 2008-fall 2009. Near the end of my lease, I was getting 20/30 bites a NIGHT, and was told by the pest control company that inspected my unit with the dog that there was no sign of bed bugs in my unit. Having never dealt with bedbugs before, on top of the fact that I had just bought a brand new mattress, I thought I was getting tore up by mosquitos or spiders and therefore did not dispute this.
I moved out and have since discovered that at least four bugs followed me to my new

apartment and now my new landlord is stuck paying for this nightmare that was not taken care of correctly at 1100 n lasalle.
i was told before i moved in that management had eradicated all bug problems (generic bug.. i did not even think to ask of bed bugs specifically because... well why in the world WOULD i, having never dealt with them before?) a long time ago and there was no knowledge of any bug problems in the building.
i feel lied to, not to mention absolutely DISGUSTED with the way this awful problem has been handled (or NOT handled, actually).

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Wilmette Real Estate management is CONTINUALLY spraying, treating, and eliminating any bugs that are REPORTED.
Tenants NEED TO REPORT TO MANAGEMENT any problems in their apartments; they will be immediately addressed, as we have been doing right along.

It's too bad some people harbor "grudges" against the building management, and don't report problems in their apartments. We can't help someone who WON'T HELP THEMSELVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are still here!! I have proof

All bedbugs have been eliminated at 1100 N. LaSalle. A-Alert pest control company has eliminated all bugs in affected apartments.
Management is inspecting, and continually treating with residual spray to prevent the spread of any bugs that may come in the future.

Appreciate managements agressive approach to this problem, but it is absurd that they are requesting the removal of this entry. People have the right to know the history of the building. Would you lie if a prospective tennant asked if there were ever bed bugs? Would you proactively mention there was a problem before someone signed a lease? This is a problem that affects everyone. Spend less time trying to hide it and more time petitioning the city health department for a city wide solution. May

be you got rid of them, and kudos if you did, but it only takes one person to bring them back in.

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bedbugs.. i have one in a container... still alive... and they are still here

It's not slander when it's the truth. Bed bugs are at this location. The building is infested with them.

In a message dated 8/17/2009 7:59:34 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time, JT4LITE writes:
Maciej Ceglowski
We are being slandered by your "BEDBUG REGISTRY" @ 1100 N. LaSalle in Chicago...
Your notes on the web site indicate that if we feel that reports are in error that we should contact the site owner. This is my effort to do so. Every report by our residents of any infestation of any and all pests has been addressed by professional outside pest control companies. ELIMINATE these le

tters. The letters are by no means illustrative of the existing circumstances in our apartment building. These letters were submitted to you by persons with ulterior motives and are purposely using your message board to hurt us. You are contributing to their success and by publishing their false statements are making yourself party to further action that our legal department is contemplating. We expect removal of these statements from your site today.

Joe Touchstone

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On August 19, 2009 A-Alert pest control will bring in a canine team to inspect all apartments in the building, in order to prevent the spread of any bugs that may appear. If any bugs are found at the time of inspection, those apartments will be professionally treated immediately.

All Bedbugs have been eliminated at 1100 N. LaSalle.
A-Alert pest control company has eliminated all bugs in affected apartments.
Management is inspecting continually to insure no bugs remain.

06-29-09 - Yes Bed Bugs are in this building. I was told 9 apartments had them at the time.

This is now the second time I have had bed bugs here within the past five months. I know of at least 10 other apartments that have had them as well.

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