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i have been a living in marshall field garden apts for almost 2 years now and there are mice and bed bugs in my apt i had 2 throw away everything in my apt away they are not helping anyone with this problem they call some people out 2 treat the apts but the bugs are still here it is like 300 plus apts in this complex and they do maybe 10 apts only on thursday thats not helpind they need to do all the apts at once with some people who know what they are doing because they spray my apt but i think

it is a rush job i haven\'t seen any bugs in almost 2 month i get up this morning and i have a bite on my wrist and arm i am tired of this there is no use reporting it to mangement because they don\'t care they don\'t got to live here this problem is not serious to them i have been calling 311 since last year and got know help i even talk 2 jesse white yes secretary of the state illinois and walter burnett they both have a office in the complex where i live i just don\'t know what else to do all i want is the problem fixed and all my money back from everything i had 2 throw away an for having to pay someone else rent to stay with them because i couldn\'t stay in my on apt i really feel like no one cares about it just because its a low income place to stay i am now working with the teant org and have not gotton any results i just don\'t know what else to do

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Bed bugs in bldg since june 08

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