1401 W Roosevelt Rd
Chicago, IL 60608-1331

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This location is a senior citizen multi-unit apartment complex. There are reported cases of bedbugs in the complex that is affecting the mental health of this elderly community. On sight manaegment takes the attitude that the bugs are the tenants faults. The has been no community meeting that informs and educated the entire building of this infestation; which is becoming a building epidemic. After, making the request local management refuses to have the entire building exterminated. I am fu

rious as my mother is a tentant in that building and has been hospitalized due to the anxiety, insomina, and mental stress caused by the presence of the bugs. After talking to local management, the only suggestions that was offered was to exterminate yet again; my mother's apartment has been sprayed on seven (7) separate ocassions. Something needs to be done "immediately" as these seniors are not deserving of such treatment.

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