410 S Morgan St
Chicago, IL 60607-3656

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I stayed in Automatic Lofts for 6 months and after the first week of my staying I started to feel scratching over my arms and mostly my legs. Speaking with my roommate about this he reported the same, although his stay was for just two weeks and he didn't give it to much credit.
After three weeks later the scratches were unbearable, so I decided to report the issue directly to the school that acommodated me there (EF, Education First). I won't enter in details, but after A LOT of complaints and

A LOT of discussions with many members of the staff they recognized that THERE IS A BUG PROBLEM IN THIS LOCATION, and they told me that others students had reported bugs in their rooms as well. However, as inconceivable it could sound, they didn't give any solution other than "wash your sheets", which obviously I have had already done.
Honestly, seeing the cleaning routine on this place I'm not surprise at all about the bed bugs problem... THIS IS NOT SANITIZE.

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Roommate said she was getting bug bites while she was sleeping. Then I found one on my pillow. Now it is a huge mess

In the beginning of October I started to notice
an exterminator a couple too many times in this building. I wondered why is he here so often. I never had any problems with bugs or anything and I did not know anyone else did.

A couple of days ago I found out why he is here so often. This building has BED BUGS AND it is not controlled. From the post below the bugs are on 3 also from the post before that (2 posts ago) they are on different floors.


I agree with the above poster. We have had them in our room located on the 3rd floor. Exterminator came is coming soon, but they have them here.

This building is known as the Automatic Lofts located in Chicago, Illinois.

There have been multiple known reports of bed bugs at the Automatic Lofts. Different floors, different students, and different students. This place will bring in an outside exterminator to come and spray your room. However, we have had three treatments and we are still finding them.

No - we didn't bring them. Others reported this problem before we noticed them. Word spreads fast at this building - but the offic

e doesn't really seem to care. Most of the buildings employees are fresh out of college "business" majors who don't have the experience to treat issues and people correctly.

We are going to bring in our own 3rd part exterminator at our expense, to make sure these don't keep popping up.

Be aware that some rooms have had problems in this building.

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