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It would seem more appropriate and less self serving if the owners and supporters of the Palmer House would confine there protestations of the absence of bed bugs to their own website. This is after all a bed bug registry. They are only highlighting the fact that they are accused of having them. Further it is of little consequence that they are a clean hotel. Bed bugs have been found in many five star hotels throughout the world.

I wanted to write as I find everyone always takes the time to complain verses compliment....
My stay was glorious...
From the room, to the staff, the food etc...
Was clean top to bottom and trust me I looked and came prepared as I had a prior experience at another hotel not affiliated to the Palmer...

To finish, I would go back there in a second and have done nothing but tell my friends all about it..


The Palmer House prides itself on its 140 year record for providing scrupulous attention to any and all issues that deal with even the slightest breakout of insect infestation – anywhere in the hotel. The recent flurry of news activity relating to bed bugs in American lodging institutions is one that is not taken lightly. However, those that directly relate to our hotel, are taken with extreme seriousness and grave concern. It should be made clear that our record for being proactive, prev

entative and consistently diligent in the training of our room attendants to be aware – of even the slightest possibility of such an occurrence – is investigated immediately and thoroughly. When there is even the slightest shadow of a doubt – we put a guest room out of order until we have conclusively proven that our suspicions are unfounded. With that said, we must make it absolutely clear the recent blogs of guests claiming to be bitten or otherwise affected by bed bugs or other insects in our hotel, are very concerning and without documentation. For questions or concerns please contact: Ms. Karen Mitchell (312-621-7320) or Mr. Ken Price (312-621-7326).

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We stayed at the Palmer House Hilton 3/25/2011 – 3/27/2011. I highly doubt the validity of any of the bed bug findings & statements of rude staff previously recorded regarding this hotel. The cleanliness of our room and attention to detail was impeccable. In fact, spotless! This hotel provided us with a safe, clean, and comfortable environment. I know you can’t believe everything you read online but trust me on this one….. It’s one of the cleanest hotels around.

I mean even buttons and mirrors in the elevators were kept up and wiped down. As far as the comments regarding the staff members. All the one’s we dealt with throughout our stay were professional and very friendly. I would recommend this hotel to family and friends. We would definitely stay here again without hesitation. No bed bugs here!

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I just got back after a stay at this hotel, room 21-276. I was there for 3 nights, and after I checked out, I found my stomach itching. I looked, and had 3 small bites, all in a row. The next day, I found one on my arm. I have washed all my clothes immediately upon unpacking, and am planning to dry clean what I could not wash. I did not see any bedbugs, but find this a little strange, and after reading the prior report, I figured I would add this to the mix. I am just praying I did not tak

e any home with me!

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I checked in on Saturday, February 28, 2009 and assigned to room 9-195. I was lying on the bed, fully clothed but wearing short sleeves. I was leaning on my right elbow, typing on my computer and talking on my cell phone on speaker. My arm began to itch and I felt welts so, I told my sister I would call her back.

I inspected my upper arm using the magnifier mirror in the bathroom and saw what looked like flea bites all over my arm above the elbow. I went back to the bed and moved the pill

ows where I was working and there were a lot of red specks on the snow white sheets. On closer examination the specks were moving around.

I called the front desk and they connected me to housekeeping. The head of housekeeping came up so fast that the specks were still running around and she saw them as well.

I was moved six floors away and given two meal certificates. I went to the front desk the next morning and requested a full refund for the night before. After checking their records they granted it no questions asked.

The experience was traumatic but could have been worse had the bugs bit me all over or gotten into my hair or suitcase.

If I had to go through it, I am glad it was handled efficiently. I am however surprised that it happened at a Hilton ($199/night). Especially with all of the bad press of late.

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