828 S Austin Blvd
Oak Park, IL 60304

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My Mother moved from this building three years ago because of a bed bug infestation. She was living in a third-floor studio apartment. It was cheaper to exterminate her belongings during the move than it was to argue with the owners of the building about extermination. They offered to spray with chemicals used for roaches.

My Mother was absolutely COVERED in bites...neck, ankles...anywhere she wasn't wearing pyjamas. When I broke down her futon frame to see if it was worth cleaning...ther

e were so many bugs living in the frame, we decided to toss it and the mattress. The exterminator we used for moving had us wrap her non-washable items in black plastic...and we stored them in the car (during summer)for several days in batches to kill the bugs. Every cloth item she owned went to the drycleaners. She hasn't had a problem with them in her new place...thank God we got them all!

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