952 S Oak Park Ave
Oak Park, IL 60304-1923

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The entire building is infested with bedbugs in 2011, I reported it to the Mary, in the management office. She became very combat and shouted you can move. My lease was not up until April of 2012, but she let me out of it to keep me quiet. She kept my security and threatened to sue me if I bad mouthed the building with the problems it had with bedbugs in at lest 20 of it's units. I got so sick from all of the bites that I scratched because they were continuously itching. Mary sent the 2 maintena

nce workers Fernando and Juan up to the apartment to look at the mattress. They said they did not see a problem. She sent an exterminator up to look , which is a friend of Mary's and he immediately said "oh you live up over a furnace and they are dust mites. I could not take it any longer and I moved out in the winter of 2011. I left all of my brand new furniture, and only took my clothes. I had to let my clothes air out on the porch from fear of bringing bed bugs to my new apartment. My new apartment is nice and bed bugs free. But be careful because bed bugs were in some of the rugs and I had to throw them out. Bed bugs can leave in picture frames, clothes, mirrors, inside of the crevaces of chairs. The only way to get rid of them is to freeze them out, or to over heat the entire unit. BEWARE DO NOT SIGN A LEASE AT 952 OAK PARK AVENUE. YOU WILL BE EATEN ALIVE WITH BEDBUGS!!!!!!!

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Bed bugs have been put under control, management is working hard to eradicate them and is taking an active and interested role. They seem to be diminishing, and hopefully problem solved.

I sighted bed bugs in July of 2010 in the bedroom, and knocked on doors and found them in the apartments below me, both of them. The landlord has not been quick to action, or knowledgeable, and I had gone to the town to complain. Still waiting to get rid of them.

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