908 S Humphrey Ave
Oak Park, IL 60304-1721

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We moved in June to this "vintage" apartment to the third floor, and about a month in I, whom am prone to allergies, started getting bites on my ankles, shoulders, arms and up to even my fingers I developed a rash. We thought at first it was due to mosquito bites, then fleas because of the location of the bites and we have a dog.
We did not believe it was bed bugs due to our apartment manager having a company go thru the apartments with a dog that supposedly sniffs out bed bugs. They came by t

wice and found nothing. Do NOT trust those companies, its a waste of money. Last week we found an adult sized bed bug on our sheets, and woke up with the bed full of blood spots. This finding also coincided with our downstairs neighbor moving out. Our manager was very nice however and paid for the externinators. We've only been back one night, so here's crossing my fingers.

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