1406 Elmwood Ave
Evanston, IL 60201-4308

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Date: 30/7/2013

We were lucky not to rent this place. We were just about to sign the lease with Evanston Neighborhood Properties but the day before we sign/move we asked them if there had been any reports of bedbugs in that building and they said yes! Then we went and talked to the neighbors. One of them on the 3rd floor had had this problem in 2010 and also for some time recently. And they told us that the unit that we were just about to move into had bedbugs before previous tenants moved ou

t. The woman from the ground floor also told us that they had this problems a few years back but now it was eliminated in their apartment.

To make a long story short, the managers told us the day after that they had found signs of bedbugs in the unit we were about to move into (Apt 2W) so they refused to sign the lease with us claiming that they wanted to treat the problem while the apartment was vacant. And this was while they had plenty of time to do this check before not on the day we had planned to move in and our previous lease had already ended so we were left with no place to go.

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