1931 Prairie Sq
Schaumburg, IL 60173-4103

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Moved into apt in July of 08. Starting getting bites in late Oct early Sept. Looked for spiders mosquitos etc. FINALLY in Nov found the culprit in my mattress. Mgmnt staff here says we brought them in and according to reviews another tenant found some on 9-08 and was told the same thing. Girlfriend has scars from the numerous bites. Cant sleep in our bed everything is in garbage bags and out in the cold on the deck to help kill them.
Apt has been sprayed three times with no results

due to the fact that the mgmnt staff is not spraying any other apts. They said that they checked other apts in our building. WE asked neighbors downstairs and was told that NO maintenance or pest control has been there.
Have done everything we can do but staff refuses to acknowledge there is a major problem. Cant move because of fear of taking them to a new place with us. HELP

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