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Found an infestation under a corner of my mattress which is near an electrical outlet in the wall last year (Spring, 2010). I even found some in the binding of some books and between the pages of some magazines I kept on a night stand near the bed. I believe they came through the wall of the 3-flat apartment building I live in.
I had noticed that the neighbors upstairs were throwing away a lot of blankets and a comforter a week before. Of course, they didn't say anything about having bedbugs.

I worked diligently to clean the bedroom. I threw away the mattress, box spring, and some sheets. I washed anything else thoroughly multiple times. I purchased a bottle of bedbug killer and did several sprayings on the bed frame over several days.
I repainted the room, steam cleaned the bedroom carpet. Alot of work!
I thought I had got them all. A few days later I found a large plump bedbug (still alive just resting) on top of one of the paint cans. YIKES!
I disposed of it and knew then that there must have been some that got away from me.
I kept an eye out for months, checked myself for bites, used only white sheets to detect fecal droppings.
A year had gone by and I thought I was free of them damn bugs. But 2 weeks ago I noticed the same neighbors upstairs throwing away a twin size mattress, a blanket, and a futon cushion. My breathing stopped for a minute as I choked. "Oh crap I thought to myself".........here we go again.
Lo and behold, I found a bedbug in my bed yesterday. I woke up to get a drink of water at about 5:30 am and right before I got up I felt something on my calf. I turned on the light and the thing was running across the white sheet. I caught it and examined it and squished it. Yes, some blood came out of it. I must have caught it while having breakfast on me.
I looked at the sheet carefully and found some black fecal spots spread about. They are really small. So it must have made several trips to graze on me. It was almost a full size adults already.
Now it's time to get more poison spray, pull up the linens for intensive washing, and start scrutinizing and monitoring everything closely.
This sucks, especially if your neighbors are dirty or don't do enough to exterminate them in their apartments.

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