117 E Grove St
Lombard, IL 60148-2323

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We moved into this apartment in June and started getting bit almost immediately. We would wake up with red, itchy welts on our arms and legs. At first we didn't know anything about bed bugs and thought the bites were either spider or mosquito bites since we spend a lot of time outside. After a few months we found a bug running across the sofa and a dead one in the bedroom. We looked them up online to discover we had bed bugs. We notified the landlord and were told that the neighbors below us

had also been complaining. He sent an exterminator a few weeks later who only did a perimeter spray. This seemed to scare the bugs out of the woodwork and resulted in us getting bit even more frequently. We reported this to the landlord who didn't send another exterminator again for over a month, only to send him when we were both at work and unable to open the door. At one point we were told the neighbors were treating the apartments themselves. We've ordered BedLam spray online which seems to kill a good number of the bugs, but we always find adult bugs and get bit within two weeks after spraying. After almost a year of bed bug bites, we will be getting rid of all of our furniture and moving to a new apartment.

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I moved into the building on August 1, 2009. In the month of October myself and a guest that spent the night noticed that we had a couple bites each that really itched alot. I own a dog so I figured it might be fleas so I treated the dog and the apartment for fleas. Within the next couple weeks I was getting regular bites on my legs and arms. In December I was asked by the landlord if I was getting any bites and when I replied yes but just a couple here and there he told me there were bedbugs a

nd he would have the bldg treated immediately. I found out that the neighbors downstairs and across the hall were totally infested with them and had been complaining to the landlord since June but the landlord did nothing about it until January 2010. The exterminator has been there once and hasn't returned. I caught a live bug on my couch on Feb 4th 2010.

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