2400 Hickman Rd
Des Moines, IA 50310-6134

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2400 Hickman Rd. is the address for an apartment complex in Des Moines, not a house. Just look at the Polk County Assessors website. It shows an apartment complex which like many apartment buildings has been dealing with bed bug infestations!

And If these reports in anyway effect the value or resale of my home... You better believe I will be filing a lawsuite against this web site

Please get you address right people.... 2400 Hickman is a house.... My house.. Which doesn't have bed bugs... The nearest apartments are 3 blocks away...

I moved in on 11/1/10. The very first night I moved in, we found a bedbug coming from under the door. From the hallway. Which one apt on my floor was already vacent and the one right next to me, was moving out the same day I was moving in.

I went into the office that next day, and gave them the bedbug, that I killed and put in a baggy. The next day someone came out and checked my whole apt. I was told I didn't have anything in there. So then they checked the two empty apt's next to me. And t

hey treated the two. So I know they had bedbug's there.

I'm on section 8. So it was time for the annual inspection. Once the inspector came in, that is when I started getting bit. I thought it was small spiders, due to the bathroom tile had to be pushed back. Because it was leaking above me.

Well, on 09/18/11 I found a bedbug on the sham of my bed. I killed it and flushed it, went and washed all my beding. The next day I went into the office and advised them of this. The people came out on that Tuesday, again checked and didn't find any bedbugs. But they did find fecal matter on the bedbug protector. I was then told that they would not be treating my apt, due to they didn't find any alive or dead one's.

So on 09/25/11 I found one by one front door again. This time I killed it and put in a baggy again. I took it over to the office that monday, and was told I had to pay 600.00 because I was bringing them in. Well my co-signer for the apt, went over to the office to find out why I had to pay. Since I was just told,my apt wasn't the source. As my co-signer was on her way to the office a neighbor was on his way over to the office as well, to find out why he had to pay 600.00 as well. When I went over there, they told me I had to pay because I was the source which is not true.

I had called and left a message for the office stating that I had overheard a conversation of tennants that live across from me (little Childern argueing over a skirt they had dug out of the trash) stating it had to stay outside due to it had bedbugs on it. this had happened two months before. the office states they never got the message. I leave messages all the time about how people leave food and trash in the hallway and outside. "PLEASE DO NOT MOVE HERE, IT WILL JUST COST YOU EXTRA MONEY"

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This complex is infested with bedbugs!!

I moved into this apartment in November. By February I was itching like crazy. It took me a while to figure out what was causing the itching. I informed the management of the problem in June. The apartment did not get treated until August 18.

I did not have bedbugs before I moved in and I brought nothing into the apartment that could have had bedbugs.

When I was in the office this month I saw a list of vacant apartments and problems that needed corrected before they could be rented o

ut again. Over half the apartments on the sheet I was looking at had bedbugs.

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