Akers Mill Rd Se
Atlanta, GA 30339

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Checked into Embassy Suites on the 24th of August left with apx 10 bites all over my legs and feet on the 26th of August. Reported this with the General Manager of the hotel who informed me that they performed the "inspection" to find no bed bugs. Had to contact the manager several times who never once contacted me back in regards to the matter. The manager refusing to believe me in which I took pictures of my feet and legs. Requested the hotel reimburse me for my belongings since I threw al

l of them away at the airport. Hotel declined to reimburse me for any of my belongings. The hotel refusing to cooperate with me stating this is all just "false" and untrue. I stay at many hotels with company travel and never ran into such inadequate management staff and the lack of help with this serious matter. Would not recommend anyone to come back to this hotel again.

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