2121 Windy Hill Rd Se
Marietta, GA 30080

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August 2012....started seeing bites that seemed like bad mosquito bites on my body then i asked my boyfriend if he had them nope he did not so i assumed it had to be a mosquito...it itched like hell....worse than any mosquito bite i had ever had...then i started noticeing my child had them ...then one night i went to bed woke up and had huge bites all over my body went to the bedroom saw a bedbug crawling on nightstand ripped sheets off bed found two more . went to doctor he said i was having a

allergic reaction to them which is common gave me a steriod shot charge me 90 bucks ..told apartment complex the next day ...they said that they could send out a bug man but they would in return charge me 500.00!!! I told them i wont accept that cause i lease an apartment here at windy hill road we are still batteling it out...if they dont send someone i will tell my whole apartment complex and whole gym about this incident cause before long the entire complex will be infested and believe me i have scars from the bites it horrible. and it causes staph infection if you scratch them from bacteria....so BEWARE AND BE CAREFUL....THESE BASTARD DO NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR RESIDENTS.

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May 2010:
I recently moved to The Retreat @ Windy Hill which is in Atlanta, GA from Tampa, FL.... I noticed this funny looking kind of bug which I had never seen before in my bedroom next to my night stand... So I call the apartment office after hours and left a message stating my concerns.... They came and sprayed for "bugs"..... So one day when I was cleaning the house I saw a little spider in my room so I killed it and I saw some webbing haging from the celling got a stool to clean it up wit

h a paper towle.... Thats when I noticed all these black, red colored spots on the celling and in the crease of the wall where it meets with the celling... Then upon further inspection I noticed some more of the bugs tucked up in the texture in the celling, so I scraped some into a paper towle after killing them with some cleaner I grabbed from under the sink and put it in a baggie and then took it to the office and showed the office manager... She took the bag and stated, " Im gonna put this bag on the clipbord so the bug man will see it"... She claimed she called the pest control guy that saturday when I took the bugs to see if the guy wouold come out & check to see what they were.... Needless to say the guy never came.... When he did finally come a week later he walked in looked at the bug gave me a piece of paper stating things I need to do before he will treat the apartment.... So now I am stuck trying to figure out what to do?????? The guy didnt even look around to let me know how bad of an infestation I have..... So I think I am going to throw my bed away cause I was informed "he's not treating my bed", clean all my fabric items at the laundry mat (w/ real hot water), I bought some raid bed bug spray so I sprayed down my whole room sealing crases and base boards and the bugs that I saw and every where I saw there feces and I am going to clean everything in the room with hot bleach water and hope it all works.....

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