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10/23/10 to 10/30/10
I stayed in the resort and was biten on my hands, arms and back the first 2 days - believing they were mosquito or red ants I just kept itching
On the following night I knew my face was perfectly clear as I went through my MK Skin Care routine and woke up with several of these bites on my forehead
I asked others what this could be & heard bedbug
Sure enough, they were.
The resort found them and took me out of the room fumigating many of my clothes
The next morning in a

different suite, I woke up with 18 on my other arm.
Urgent Care confirmed and put me on anti-itch and antibiodics for the infection.

Later at home I still was bad and a dermatoligist confirmed I had a systematic reaction to the bed bugs and they were throughout my body - steroids and another set of anti-biodics were needed.
the vacation was useless as I had to be out of the sun and several months of pure misery
The resort accepted responsibility but settlement is another story now

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